Promise one

Experience serenity in our 1/2-bedroom self-contained cottage on the lake, with a private pier for sunset vistas and wine sipping. This idyllic setting offers a perfect escape for nature lovers and romantics alike.

Promise two

Enjoy your peaceful getaway and escape to the charming 3-bedroom cottage, offering a self-contained retreat for up to 3 couples. Enjoy leisurely days by the pool and relaxing evenings on the deck, creating the perfect backdrop for your getaway.

Cottage bookings are managed by Unwind Hunter Valley. To check availability and secure your stay visit click below.

Indulge yourself into our wine selection

Explore a world of taste and refinement with our exclusive wine selection. From velvety reds to crisp whites, each bottle unveils a unique journey for your palate. Savour the art of winemaking and elevate your dining experience. Unleash the connoisseur in you.